Biodent TS healthy gums

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Biodent TS has been developed for the treatment of gingivitis and the prevention of caries

Box containing 4 syringes and 16 dental luer lock syringe tips

Biodent TS

Plant resin has been rediscovered as a wound care agent. Properties of plant resin are an effect against bacteria, fungi and viruses, and a preservative effect, it does not decay over time. Because of these properties, resins from plants around the world have been used in wound healing for thousands of years.

This gave Biodent the idea to develop Biodent TS. Nearly all gingivitis is caused by bacteria in dental plaque. Gingivitis can be recognized by red and swollen gums that bleed easily. 

Caries is caused by bacteria in plaque that produce acids that cause cavities in teeth.

Prevention against caries and gingivitis focuses on the daily removal of plaque: brushing your teeth in the morning, evening and after eating sweets and flossing.

1 week after using Biodent TS, dental plaque contains 70% less bacteria and 99% less bacteria that cause caries.

Biodent TS contains Sandarac, a resin obtained from the small cypress-like tree Tetraclinis articulata. This tree grows in northwestern Africa. The resin has an antibacterial effect. Biodent TS is a vegetable product. Biodent TS flows into the pores of the tooth surface, then dissolves slowly and thus has an antibacterial effect.

Biodent TS has been developed for the treatment of gingivitis and the prevention of caries. Use Biodent TS as a supplement to daily oral care, brushing your teeth after breakfast and before going to sleep. Use Biodent TS for a maximum of 30 days. See a doctor if your symptoms persist.

Use Biodent TS at a higher risk of caries: with frequent sugar consumption or sweets and if you had a cavity in the past two years.

Gum inflammation can also be treated with chlorhexidine rinse, gel or spray. Side effects of these products can include brown discoloration of the tongue and teeth, swelling and pain of the oral mucosa and sometimes an allergic reaction. Biodent TS does not have these side effects.

Composition: Ethanol from grain or maize, Sandarac resin Package contents: 4 syringes a 1.2 ml and 16 application tips We are happy to send you a sample:

This product is a medical device. Read the instructions for use before use.